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Real people, real life testimonies and how they came out of it.

Become a positive influence and join the movement! ​​​​​​​​​​​​

​In 2012, we are launching a movement called “Keep your Vows Revolution.” This is a campaign to promote couples to pledge to honor their vows to one another.
What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace (John Wesley).
SOL primary reason for revolution is to restore and widespread Christian values for couples, families and communities. We need to recreate energy and excitement about the first institution established by God, which is marriage, and restore the joy of two becoming one. People are excited about what they succeed in. SOL is seeking to cause a turnaround movement dedicated to changing the value systems in our culture and society.

Let’s start the RADICAL MOVEMENT and leave a LEGACY for the NEXT GENERATION.

Why do we need a revolution?
There is a new trend in our society called the new normal (or modern family) that is promoting anti-biblical values, particularly concerning marriage relationship and families. The rate of people living together without the covenant of marriage is at its pick. The sanctity of marriage is threatened, and the rate of divorce is increasing even within the church. This severe disequilibrium and change in our society require a radical contra-movement seeking to re-establish Christian values concerning marriages. At his core, SOL is seeking to bring awareness about the values of the vows: ‘KEEP YOUR VOWS REVOLUTION’.

Our Approach is twofold:

- Create a platform of network for couples to value and stimulate excitement about their marriage relationships; real people addressing real life issues and how they came out of it.
- Equip couples with tools to build successful relationships.


Our Method:
Bring couples together to an unconventional, romantic and fun date night with purpose, where couples not only enjoy a romantic dinner but also gain deep insights via real life testimonies from people of all walks of life. The events are free of charge to eliminate any financial barriers. We focus on real life issues, matters that are relevant to this generation.


Keep Your Vows Revolution​​

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